Inside the renovation: the en-suite

If you watch my Insta stories then you’ve heard me blabber on & on & on (sorry, not sorry) about the en-suite renovation that is planned for this summer, err fall. Oh yesssss. What I’ve learned from past renovations is that the best plans are always delayed and full of bumps & bruises. So while we are starting later than expected, I’m still a bit too excited about toilets, basins, and drains. Geek.

No need for acrobatics

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that cirque du soliel are the only folks who can pull off water acrobatics. Our rotten panelled peach of a bathroom with a narrow unfriendly layout is ripe for accidents. Add in an active toddler and a trip to A&E is certain. That was all the motivation we needed, it must go. Rewind 18 months and one of the many “top priorities” of our mega renovation was to create a safe, friendly, calm, and dare I say stylish space. Unfortunately the rotten panelled peach would have to wait and the larger bathroom won the top prize.

Reimagining the space

Let’s be honest, the larger bathroom was no gem either. I got to sketching with BFF, the tape measure. After a bit searching for “compact” toilets and basins, I sketched up a new layout of how & where we could turn the wet room into a cosy family space. That meant rearranging the toilet, sink and radiator to make space for a bath. This is where we started “the before – sad & ugly” to ripping everything out to the bare bricks to the initial spark of a Scandi Minimalist vibe.


Adding some va va voom

The Scandi Minimalist vibe started with luxe pale green subway tiles and industrial accents. Something was missing, and that something was colour. It is a lesson that I’m keeping front & centre with this revamp. While I love a Scandi Minimalist vibe, it just isn’t me. I love colour. After many months of deliberation, up went the fantastically jungle Cole & Son Wallpaper, Palm Jungle in blue. See my “Get it Up” guide to hanging wallpaper here.

The inspiration

Now fast forward to our current project, the rotten panelled peach. I was on the hunt for inspiring small spaces and here’s who jumped out …

Sarah Akwisombe creates a cool twist on a minimal vibe with punchy pink paint and basic white tiles in an interesting design. Kast mysteriously dark & decadent vibe is achieved with their concrete basin + brass. Mina of Vintage Skye rocks a jungle boho vibe with her wall mural + overload of tropical plants + weaved baskets. Jess of Gold is a Neutral spacious bathroom has been voted “London’s Best Bathroom” and it is full on drama. Lissi of Oxfordone bold colours and brilliant wallpaper create a statement space.


My dream, a kids free zone

Here we go, my take on creating a zen master en-suite is called Modern Vintage Jungle. What’s essential? First up is keeping the period features yet in a modern way; adding character with midcentury furniture and lighting; adding pops of colour in interesting ways (watch this space) and of course a few industrial accents to remind me of my NYC years. Did I say art?! Oh yes, there will be some cool art too. See below for sources!


Too many lush wallpapers

I know what you are thinking. Where is the wallpaper?! So true. I have been showing you wallpaper options for months & months now (again, sorry, not sorry). I feel like a cast member of Love Island, always looking over my shoulder for “the next best thing.” To be fair, I have found my true love, but it isn’t budget friendly. So … who do you think will win the wallpaper battle amongst this group?


Saying goodbye

Oh no, oh yes. One of the trade offs of living in the centre of Edinburgh is space. Our home is packed full of character, but it is compact. Thanks to a wide angle lens and some very creative photo editing – the rotten panelled peach of a bathroom actually looks sparkly & spacious. Gotta love accurate estate agent pics.

Bathroom_Other_2Don’t let this pic mislead you. The entire room is just 1200 wide and who knew tubs came as narrow as 470?! The panelling is dark, not light. What does all this mean? Another NEW layout. YES! Now, I don’t just change things for the sake of changing it. It’s a win win. One less doorway in the long narrow hallway and one luxe spacious shower.

So what’s next?! Just waiting for the builder’s estimate (aka “time to pray”). Watch this space to see how things progress, where we land on the wallpaper, and which pop of colour hits the walls.

Before I head off – I must make a shameless plug for my blog. If you’ve enjoyed reading – please vote for me in the Amara Interior Blogger Awards. I’ve been nominated for “Best Newcomer”. You can vote here. Voting is open until Sept 19 and I’m up against 40 other blogs. Yikes. Thank you.


Liz xx


Mood board Sources:

1 – Spark & Bell, Black & Brass Asymmetric Wall Light, from £94

2 – Gridscape via Coastal Shower Doors

3 – Alessandra Stanglewicz Art, Tropical Leaf Print via Etsy, A3 size £25 + shipping

4 – Victorian Plumbing Crosswater MPRO Monobloc Basin Mixer in Matt Black, £191.20

5 – Vintage Midcentury unit (pic source: Casa Vogue)


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