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Liznylon Designs is an Interior Design studio and blog where you can find tips & advice and chat about trends, new collections and a “behind the scenes” peek into what it’s like to study Interior Design. I also have a fun feature called “Crush Lust Stalk” where I ask famous interior designers, artists, textile designers, photographers, architects about what inspires them.

I’m proud to say that during this time, my designs have been featured on the glossy pages of magazines in the UK and the US. There have been house tours and articles on leading design websites. And I’m really honoured that big interior brands have shared my designs on their Instagram feeds – reaching millions of followers. My designs can also be seen on many award winning interior blog sites.

I’m also humbled (and still pinching myself) that I can shout “one of my bathroom designs is award winning!” The legendary Sophie Robinson (of DIY SOS and Interior Design Masters) described my colourful pattern clashing bathroom as “This bathroom is a real showstopper as it breaks all the rules, but does it in such a stylish and creative way”.

I’m three years into my Interior Design studies and I have just launched my first design service that is focused exclusively on front doors and entryways. You might be thinking why just the entryway? I say why not?!

The humble front door can become icon for your entire home. It adds instant kerb appeal and is a place to warmly welcome friends & family. With the year we’ve had, it will soon be time to throw those front doors open again and invite everyone inside. It is the perfect place to express yourself ‘this is me’, ‘this is my home’ before anyone steps inside.

Yet the front door and entryway can also be a place that creates a lot of headaches, stress and chaos to your daily routine if it isn’t functioning correctly. So have a think, does your entryway give you an immediate ‘ohhh, I’m home’ relief feels – or – does it give you an underwhelming blah feels – or – does it downright irritate you?

While I’m a huge fan of colour, prints & patterns, mixing mid-century pieces with contemporary pieces and dialing up those original period details yet in a modern way.

My design service isn’t focused on me. It’s focused on you. What’s most important is using clever design to fix all those irritating aspects of your entryway and finding your style, what’s right for you, what inspires you yet is comforting too. I offer three design packages to create a front door & entry you are well & truly proud of. It all starts with a free phone or video consult:

A bit about me, I’m a New Yorker living in Edinburgh, married to a Scotsman and mama to a chatty young son (read: total flirt). Rewind 10 years ago, I was a footloose & fancy free single gal living in New York City. I had just bought my dream apartment in trendy Chelsea. I still miss that apartment. I met “the Scotsman” and after 6 moves in the past 10 years, from New York City to London and London to Edinburgh, we are finally settled.

I promise no kids, animals, or bikes were harmed in this random pic

Interiors has always been a passion, an obsession, an all consuming hobby and now a career. I’m the kid who was constantly changing my room around & ripping pages out of mum’s Architectural Digest magazine, the student who hung posters & changed them regularly, the twenty something who mashed up IKEA with vintage pieces and spent more time thinking about paint colours than organising a night out. Add in many years, many moves, many flats, homes, three renovations, and endless interiors later and here we are.

If you are on the hunt for some inspiration, some tips for a renovation project or perhaps you are a bit curious about what it’s like to attend design school – you’ve landed in the right place. Go on have a good nosy around.

Hope you enjoy & look forward to hearing from you!! Hit the “contact button” to discuss my design packages and I can send you more detail. Don’t forget, I offer a free telephone or Zoom consult to start with.

Liz xx