Hi there! Liz here. It’s so nice to meet you & thanks for stopping by to have a wee nosy.

Liznylon bikes
I promise no kids, animals, or bikes were harmed in this random pic

So what’s this blog all about?! I’m a New Yorker living in Edinburgh, married to a Scotsman and mama to a chatty young son (read: total flirt).

Rewind 10 years ago, I was a footloose & fancy free single gal living in New York City. I had a great job at a Branding Agency and just bought my dream apartment in trendy Chelsea. Then I met “the Scotsman” and the whirlwind began – new hubby, new city, new baby, new home!

I’m happy to say that I have survived 6 moves in the past 10 years, including a move from New York City to London and London to Edinburgh. What?! “Am I crazy”?! Well, add in buying 2 flats, selling 1 flat, and taking on a massive renovation of an old Victorian flat with a wee baby in tow. Perhaps so! That is a lot of interiors. Hmmm.

I’m best known as the girl with the super sexy orange Jonathan Adler chair (oh yes).

Liznylon lounge fireplace
Creating my own style full of colour and patterns, mashing up period features with contrasting artwork and modern sassy furniture

Others might recognise me from my award winning, colourful pattern clashing bathroom. The iconic Sophie Robinson (of DIY SOS and Interior Design Masters) described my bathroom as “This bathroom is a real showstopper as it breaks all the rules, but does it in such a stylish and creative way”.

The renovation continues and my obsession with interiors has taken on a life of its own. It’s always been a passion, an obsession, an all consuming hobby. I’m the kid who was constantly changing my room around & ripping pages out of mum’s Architectural Digest magazine, the student who hung posters & changed them regularly, the twenty something who mashed up IKEA with vintage pieces and spent more time thinking about paint colours than organising a birthday party. Add in many years, many moves, many flats, homes, renovations, and interiors later and here we are.

Knoll Platner Lounge Chair

You might hear me going on about “crushes”, “drool worthy”, and “lusting” – sadly it isn’t about Hollywood’s leading men – it’s about wallpaper, chairs, artwork, midcentury furniture, and probably Palm Springs (read: the mecca for all things midcentury & sultry sun). I’ll be featuring all those ‘Crust-Lust-Stalk’ worthy items and asking my icons & idols to share their deepest darkest crushes too.

Oh and did I mention I’m jumping head first into design school?! YES. I’ve always been up for an adventure & this is one that I’ve been dreaming, lusting, drooling over for a good side of a decade. It has been an ongoing battle (with myself) should I stay in a comfy job (note: that I worked incredibly hard get) OR should I give it up for my true passion?!?! Does this sound familiar?? Let’s just say the “rational me” won every time against the “dreamer me”. No more. The dreamer has finally won. I am a student (again). Yes. Fireworks.

Do you like to snoop around other people’s homes – perhaps you’ve always wondered what it’s like to attend design school – maybe you are renovating your own place – or you are just downright obsessive about interiors … well, this blog is for you.

BLOG_CRUSHLUSTSTALK_V2Come back each week to see who I’ve wrangled into playing Crush Lust Stalk – it might be that famous interior designer, the Insta blogger we all follow, an artist, or wallpaper designer. Check out my 1st blogpost “Does the world need another interior blog?!” to see my answers!

Hope you enjoy & look forward to hearing from you!! Thoughts, ideas, collaborations I’m open to them all – just reach out via the “Contact button”  🙂

Liz xx