Crush, Lust, Stalk with Gayle


It’s back … “Crush – Lust – Stalk” where I am harassing artists, designers, stylists and interior obsessed bloggers. This week I’m tapping into the art world and have the talented Gayle Mansfield – hellyes – it’s that Gayle – designer of those ace Shit Got Real typography prints! Gayle took a brave bold step 18 months ago – she gave up her day job to become her own boss lady & started up Gayle Mansfield Designs. I can honestly say I’m thrilled she did!

It’s all about simplicity & humour with Gayle and that is reflected in her must have art prints, her sassy greeting cards, and her light bright white minimalist home. I quickly became a big fan of Gayle’s cheeky humour and if you follow my Insta squares, you’ve seen her Blah Blah Blah print in literally every room of my house.

Liznylon designs
Blah Blah Blah getting cosy with Jonathan Adler at Liznylon

Okay, it could be considered a mild form of stalking, yep yep yep (eek). Her work just makes me smile & laugh and it looks brilliant in every room. Plus, the perky yellow colour is a fave of mine (that Gayle was happy to make especially for me.) J’adore Amore.

Indulge me for a moment, let’s have a quick gush over Gayle’s art prints as seen in the homes of  @anettetalstad Amore, @_lisa_dawson_ Chop Chop, @theordinarylovely Fancy, @harrietshuus Shit Got Real, @littlegreycellsdesign Hell Yes, @Xmillybirdx It Wasn’t Me, @nest_twenty_eight Ice Cream Cone print, and @gaylemansfielddesigns (Gayle’s own home) Yep Yep Yep.

I hear ya, chop chop, let’s get to the good stuff & what Gayle has to say in Interiors Idols – Crush Lust Stalk quiz.


CRUSH – This week Gayle’s crushing on Ferm Living Haze Vitrine cabinet. She asks “Is there anything more beautiful than this cabinet?” I say “NO, it’s downright luscious.” She goes on to say “I’m so in love with the wired glass.  I’m looking for a cabinet for our kitchen & this would be perfect.”

LUST – Gayle’s been lusting after Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa for awhile now. She says “I mean, how good is this? I know blush pink is having a bit of a moment and may be seen as faddy, but I don’t care, I love the colour, and the shape/design is just divine.”

STALK – Watch out @Bloggabagis , Gayle is watching your every move, in a good way, of course. Gayle says “I absolutely love Janniche’s home and her style.”


Gayle says, “hmmm, tricky!” but was quick to then say “Well currently I am LOVING Pearl Lowe’s new deVOL kitchen so I’m sure the rest of her house in Somerset would not disappoint!” It was featured recently in Remodelista, gorgeous!


If you follow Gayle or watch her stories, she was recently contemplating a move & was obsessing over another house. In fact, she had 3 visits in one day. Ultimately her light bright white filled minimalist home won her over again. Her fave room is a tough call between her bedroom (which is being revamped) and her bathroom.

She says “We knocked through the separate loo and bathroom to create a larger space and it is a really peaceful & relaxing room.  It was the last room we did when we renovated so we had learnt a lot by then and I don’t think we made any mistakes.” Anyone who has been through a renovation, knows that is seriously impressive. You can read all about Gayle’s renovation in House Beautiful UK here.

The style is scandi & minimal with a hint of luxe. She says “ Pale grey marble floor tiles, a combo of white square/ miniature hexagon wall tiles, a pale pink locker style cabinet, hidden cistern, and a much loved Norm Copenhagen trolley which holds baskets with cosmetics and which I wheel alongside me to house my candle, book and glass of wine when having a soak!” Sounds heavenly Gayle.

Before I say a big “thank you” to Gayle for playing along, can we all please have a nosy of her Insta feed and her shop! She has so many great designs and you’ll see that they fit into so many decors – minimalist, maximalist, eclectic, boho, vintage, traditional, contemporary, rustic, or romantic – what ever your vibe, I can confidently say one of Gayle’s designs will look stellar. And here is her latest & greatest shape designs.  I’M NOT BEING PAID TO SAY THIS.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 13.30.12

That’s a wrap for this week’s Crush-Lust-Stalk. Hope you all have been enjoying the snow & also have a FAB weekend. Come back each week to see who I have cornered into playing along – it could be a popular interior designer, maybe that artist who creates magical wallpaper, or that ace blogger. I’ll mix it up & keep it interesting. If there is someone you’d love to see, message me.

Cheers, Liz xx


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