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Another week and another “Crush – Lust – Stalk” where I am harassing peeps in the Interiors world. If you’ve watched my stories, you know I hit the PAD lifestyle warehouse sale yesterday in the ever so hip Custom Lane in Leith. Yeah, it’s where all the cool kids hang in Edinburgh. It’s a creative space that houses a gallery, a handful of artist studios and an event space along the harbour. It’s also home to Kestin Hare men’s concept shop (with possibly the coolest yellow staircase) and the most decadent coffee roaster Williams and Johnson. Enough enough, let’s chat about what’s up this weekend … PAD lifestyle!

So, who is Anna?! She’s the owner and mastermind behind PAD lifestyle. Of course there is a back story (isn’t there always) about how I stumbled across PAD, rewind to last year. We had just finished the mega renovation, my little fella wasn’t sleeping, I was a total zombie and had a much needed day to myself. Top of the list was to check out an interiors shop that screamed “COME IN” “BONJOUR” “ALOHA” every time I passed. Those of you with little people will know, interiors shops are off limits with grubby little hands. 

I will never forget my first visit to PAD and the Christian LaCroix Bagatelle wallpaper. It literally stopped me in my tracks. I needed to get this wallpaper. Then there was the Hatti Patterson cushions and the Tom Dixon Melt Ceiling Pendants (actually I can’t remember if they were hanging in the shop or if we just chatted about them, yikes). I instantly knew, this was one heavenly luxe shop. PAD can best be described as a “celebration of beautifully unique pieces – drool worthy pieces – furniture, art, fashion.” It’s a mash up of iconic international brands and the coolest independent designers and makers. I was in awe of the curated edit, the styling of the shop, and how she effortlessly blended furniture, interiors, clothes, and accessories in such an inspiring way. A true lifestyle shop. 

So, it wasn’t a surprise when I heard Harvey Nichols Edinburgh rang up Anna and asked her to add some much needed va-va-voom to their VIP Style Concierge space and wow did she deliver! Jaw dropping beautiful, take a peek here.

Get ready to drool, here’s my edit from PAD lifestyle

Let’s get to the GOOD stuff … what Anna has to say …



Crush … the new Menu brass Chambers pendant with TR bulb combo is Anna’s crush. Anna said she’s had what seems like a rotation of lights hung in her home. “Originally crystal chandeliers which looked awesome but with my heavy footed six year old who likes to stomp around being hulk, the crystals would shake around so much it got annoying!”  She went on to say that Nothing else has been quite right until she found these lights by Menu. “They are on their way, so we’ll see what happens!”

Lust … Anna would absolutely LOVE to buy more art by Erin Armstrong, she says “Erin’s  big canvases are so bright, so interesting, abstract and SO LA (where her studio is based).” Anna would put them up on the staircase walls and enjoy the colour boost everyday. I’m adding this to my wish list too!

Stalk … Watch out, Anna is on Instagram everyday & on the hunt for new inspiring designers to work with, great products to bring into the store, and seeing what brands are up to. She says “There’s way too many fab instagrammers and bloggers out there – but I do keep up with Emily at Pink House Living on most days, I find her daily stories funny!! She is pretty honest and doesn’t take herself too seriously, and I can relate to her funny take on life as a designer with a young business and a family to maintain too. Plus her pics are always stunning!”


Anna’s light filled drawing room is something to gush over, photo by Susie Lowe

Anna’s favourite room is her drawing room with not one but three floor length windows overlooking gardens. She says “It’s such a bright room and I’ve been really playful with its design mixing styles with all my favourite things.”

Anna’s a master at the mash up –  she’s combined the very contemporary Scandi Muuto modular sofa and painted white floors with mid-century inspired vibes like Jonathan Adler’s velvet Milano wingbacks and rich Burled mappa wood furniture against the Georgian period details. Her most favourite is the tongue and cheek fine art prints by Romina Ressia that mix Dutch master style with pop art references (blowing bubblegum and eating popcorn). Anna says “this room reflects my style in that it’s bold with mixing styles – you don’t need to have any rules!”

See more of Anna’s home in an article written by The Pink Houses’s Emily for I-ON Magazine and photos by  Susie Lowe – read it here

What are you still doing here?! Stop. Head on over to the PAD lifestyle warehouse sale at Custom Lane before everything is going going gone. If you aren’t in Edinburgh this weekend, you can always shop Anna’s edit on Trouva – head into their shop on Howe St – or the online shop.

That’s a wrap folks, Happy Friyay! Come back each week to see who I have cornered into playing along – it could be a popular interior designer, maybe that artist who creates magical wallpaper, or that ace blogger. I’ll mix it up & keep it interesting. Have a good one.

Cheers, Liz xx

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