The sexy sassy statement chair

It’s Valentine’s week and I’ve decided to shake things up a bit and write about the oh so sexy and sassy statement chair. On more than one occasion, I’ve been known to describe a chair lovingly as having sexy lines, sexy legs, sexy angles, sexy finishes or sexy texture. I’m not sure why I find chairs so sexy but I think the turning point was when I scored two bruised & battered petite Art Deco chairs at the Brooklyn flea market many many years ago. It is possible that I raised my fist in the air & screamed “yesssss” but it could also be gossip. My secret is safe with you yes? Well to make a very long story short, I spent months pouring over fabric samples and finishes for the legs to create my very special set of sexy sassy statement chairs.

Fast forward, I now live in Edinburgh and am the very proud owner of a Jonathan Adler Brigitte chair by luck of a Pad Lifestyle warehouse sale. Normally it would be well beyond my budget. I have been known to lust over everything Adler, so owning this chair is like winning the lottery. Sort of.  It has completely transformed my lounge.

What I’ve learned is a statement chair is like magic. It uplifts its surroundings – it adds some va-va-voom. Everything looks better – the style – the vibe – the design. It’s the first thing people see when they enter the room, all eyes are locked on “the chair”, everyone wants to sit on “the chair”, everyone wants to lovingly stroke “the chair”.  Jealous, you bet.

Thankfully everyone’s opinion of sexy differs and everyone’s idea of a statement varies too. I could have literally included thousands of chairs – however – I restrained myself. I’ve pulled together some ideas … so TELL ME … which one do you fancy?

The Midcentury Icons

Are you a fan of Mad Men? Are Eames, Ercol, Jacobsen part of your everyday vocab? You might just be mad for Midcentury! Charles & Ray Eames are the icons of Midcentury with designs that remain relevant and lusty worthy today. Their Lounge Chair & Ottoman (right) designed in 1956 available at Vitra is the ultimate in masculine elegance and comfort. LarForma has created a modern day version of the “gentleman’s club chair”, named Belga, in soft rich camel leather and mahogany trim (left) with classic Midcentury vibes.


The Naturalist

Perhaps you prefer to keep things simple, pare things back to the raw materials and let nature shine? These chairs are all about celebrating materials. The Moroso Klara Arm Chair (left) has an elegant contemporary drool worthy weaved cane back and floating natural oak arms. The minimalist design of the Rex Kralj 120 is timeless with the slatted ergonomic seat in dark walnut.


The Sexy Secretary 

Do you always opt for luxurious leathers? Are you always in heels or designer digs? When you fill in the ‘which spice girl am I’ quiz – is it posh spice? Well you my dear might find that these gems add just the right sassy spice to your interiors. The Danish Overgaard  & Dyrman lounge chair isn’t just beautiful to look at – it is made to order by skilled craftsman. The attention to detail is masterclass, each chair is numbered and stamped. The sweeping lines of the black metal combined with the warm caramel leather just oozes luxe. The Design by Us “Skinny B Size Zero” (gotta love that name) black leather chair reminds me of a luxurious Fendi bag, simply perfection.


The Privacy Seeker

Whether reading, on your device or just relaxing – do you hate it when someone invades your personal space?  These two could be just what you need. The Norr 11 Mammoth Chair designed by Knut Bendik Humlevik and Rune Krjgaard is a Scandi icon. It is a modern minimalist take on the winged chair with solid oak underlay and a soft fluffy cushion inside. The velvety mustard De La Espada 105 Blanche Bergere lounge chair designed by Luca Nichetto is the ultimate in comfort and privacy. Its tall striking profile will make everyone curious.


The Pattern Play

Are you a doodler? Are your notes scattered with lines, stripes, angles or circles? These two celebrate all things lines and repeat patterns. Deceptively simple and delicate, the Menu WM String Lounge Chair designed by Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon (left) is all that and more. Gallery Bensimon and Pool Studio are the creators of this Circle Armchair (right) with its bold playful contrasting lines in coated metal.


The Romantic

Are you a hopeless romantic? Are RomComs your thing? These velvet flirty fringe chairs with soft lines could be for you. I spotted this Munna Fringes Armchair (left) at Decorex with its three layers of fringe, it is super fun and oh so flirty. Dooq took inspiration from the “la folie burlesque” for its chair with sensual lines and the single understated ring of fringe (right). It’s like a juicy peach, luscious.


The Art Deco Glam

Do you dream of the glamour and extravagance of the Art Deco period? These two score by combining oh so luxurious velvet + brushed brass + outlined curves in a sexy shell design. Comfy yet Glam. The Eichholtz Trapezium Armchair (left) in deep turquoise is like diving into a tropical sea. You might just feel like a pearl in this chair. The Bow & Arrow Soneto Armchair (right) is equally lush with its soft curves in deep tropical forest green velvet.


The Traditionalists

Do you favour the classics? Nothing too crazy. Nothing too modern. Nothing too bright. Well, these time & tested classics could be your type of statement. The Bolier  ‘Collette Armchair’ in white leather with dark ebony legs is pure elegance – similar to an award winning BAFTA actor in a delicate gown. The Ochre House ‘Brompton Chair’ is the masculine equivalent with sophisticated lines, tapered legs and a deep button back – classically stylish.


The Modernist

Do you reject the ornate? Do you look for clean lines, box shapes and new materials?  Well the modernist might be your thing. The Elan by Decca Ethos One Lounge Chair designed by David Ritch & Mark Saffell has a smart & refined luxurious vibe. It’s architectural angles make it a standout. Sixteen3 largely does commercial furniture but here’s hoping their Erik Single Seat Low Back chair will bridge into residential with its simple clean lines and minimalist felt texture.


The Futuristic

Are you a rule breaker? Do you avoid conventional thinking? Are you always looking for innovative products? Say hello to the fluid and futuristic designs. The Missana Block Armchair designed by award winning MUT Design Studio is bold in its colour and unique in its curved block shape. The Valsusa Armchair is a collaboration of Pool Studio,  Gallery Bensimon and Antonello Druetta – all known for pushing the boundaries and eager to reinterpret furniture. wowzers.


The Playful

Do you think interiors should be fun and colourful? These sugar coated gems could be your rock candy – full of sizzle and pop. The hello yellow Mark Product Loops Chair is British designed & manufactured, in sunny Cornwall. Of course yellow screams playful but the floating arms and pill shaped back add to the fun vibe. The Deadgood Working Girl Lounge Chair designed by David Irwin is also made in Britain. A simple yet stylish design and we all know that Pink + Red are the perfect pairing.


The Best of Boho

Is the 70s your fave era? Would friends describe you as artsy? a gypsy? having a flair for the unexpected? casual chic? surfer glam? These two might be the your take on statement. You could head to your local vintage shop or local charity shop — but these are a modern day take. The Romeo Chair by Eichholtz is all about the curved rattan and simple linen seat. The Woodstock Peacock Chair by FifyFiveSouth is iconic with its high fan back making you feel like a princess.


So … TELL ME … which style do you fancy? Struggling to pick just one? Okay, how about your top three. Like I said earlier – there are so many beautiful sexy sassy statement chairs out there. This is just the tip of the ice berg. If I’ve left something off that you feel is a MUST, then message me!

Hope you have a sugary sweet  – or – loved up – or – fun & fantastic Valentine’s Day. A big thank you for having a read of this week’s Interior Crush – The Statement Chair.

That’s a wrap. Till next time.


Liz xx

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