Four simple ways to say ‘yes’ to Yellow

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Everyone’s talking about the new “it” colour, say Hello to Yellow. Best known as the colour that makes us smile, yellow is all over the fashion runways and is popping up everywhere in decor. Being a lover of all things yellow – yes – fist pump – my “go to” colour is enjoying centre stage (again). But let’s be real, yellow has been slowly working its magic for decades.

Eyes roll. I know exactly what you are thinking. This won’t work in my decor. Well, I’m here to tell you – to show you – that it will. There are warm yellows, cool yellows, greenish yellows, orangey yellows, big bold yellows and soft faint yellows. Before you hit “close”, just give me a chance, I pinky swear that there is a yellow for everyone, every mood and every room. Here are my top inspirational picks for “yellow and …” colour combos that are simply ace.

PINK + YELLOW. Now isn’t this just a perfect pairing?! What do you think, will this pairing finally convince pink to move on from its typical pairing with green? Think of all those gorgeous sunsets, pink & yellow are meant to be. Others think so and I’d have to agree.

Who is doing it well? This Amsterdam dining nook creates a cosy artistic vibe by pairing Farrow & Ball Calamine pink with a warm citron yellow by Casamance_official (as seen in LivingEtc ). Even braver is the casual yet elegant Moroccan holiday home Dar Sinclair with a brighter peachy pink and deeper ochre yellow (as seen in AD). And even bolder is @anettetalstad in Norway who wakes up every morning to a cotton candy pink & bright lemony sunburst by Mr Perswall.

YELLOW + GREY. Opposites attract, they certainly do. Probably the safest and most common pair up is all those shades of grey with pops of yellow.

Who is doing it well? Cheshire Interior Design’s uses deep dark F&B Plummet paired with a perky chartreuse yellow Oliver Bonas chair to create an elegant & classy lounge. In Norway, this vintage kitchen makes a statement with bold bumblebee yellow cabinets  that pop against the cool dark grey walls & upper units. The iconic Ruche sofa in dandelion yellow by Inga Sepme for Ligne Roset is softened by a warm grey-green wall (as seen in ArchitectureArtDesigns).

YELLOW + BLUE.  This combo reminds me of growing up at the beach, so it’s definitely about the bright sunny days and the blue cloudless skies. If nature can do this pairing, you can too. There is so much more to this luscious combo from light & airy to dark & mysterious.

Who does it well? Be bold like Sophie Robinson, a self professed lover of yellow, use yellow as an accent as seen here in Sophie’s new bedding range Secretlinenstore. Karenanita’s eclectic lounge goes even bolder with a winning trio of bright bold colours all found in the luscious Theloftandus jungalow wallpaper. Kit Kemp takes a more traditional approach for Ham Yard Hotel in London with midnight navy and a classic pale chartreuse print to create a stylish yet relaxing space.

YELLOW + GREEN. This combo is not a typical pairing yet it works when the perfect tint and shades are used. So proceed with caution but when it works, it really works.

Who is doing it well? This perky kids room in Philadelphia by Melissa and Miller Interiors just shouts a happy summer day by using primary colours. In Sweden, Brittany Friebe accentuates the super sized doors in this period property with an unexpected punchy yellow. In Tuscany, Riccardo Barsotelli creates an inviting cosy vintage vibe & warm glow in his guest house (as seen in Maire Claire Maison).

Have I convinced you yet? There are contemporary yellows, vintage yellows, traditional yellows, eclectic yellows, minimalist yellows, maximalist yellows.

So what’s your “yellow” personality? IT’S QUIZ TIME. Be honest.

1 – When a small POP of yellow is enough 

Do you like to update your decor & keep things fresh – or – maybe you regularly experiment with your decor (or not) – or – would you say you are the non committal type? Then “Pop of Yellow” could be for you! It is all about the accents, little bits here & there, like cushions, throws, vases, prints that can easily be swapped out when your heart stars lusting after another colour.

Who is doing it well? Medina of Grillo Designs uses a mustard yellow cushion & art that seamlessly blends with her neutral decor of black, white, and tan. Jenny of Seasons in Colour uses rustic vases in lemony yellow & punchy pina colada cushion to brighten her outdoor space. Jen of Love Chic Living shows her funky side with these pineapple yellow stools in her monochrome mod kitchen. All three have aced the “pop of yellow”.

2 – When breaking the rules is fun & unexpected 

Do you like to do things differently – or – do you hate following instructions – or – maybe you like to surprise & shock people? Well, the “Rule Breaker Yellow” could be for you! It typically involves paint and an open mind. Think parts of a hallway, inside closets, a bit of random flooring, and ceilings, oh my.

Who is doing it well? Andrew Jonathan Design is simply masterclass. He’s dabbed Mister David yellow from Little Greene Paint here & there to create an entirely unique & creative vibe. It’s not random though – look closely – it frames a bright light kitchen, it  contrasts dark shelves and it provides a fun hint of something coming in a long hallway.

There’s more rule breakers – Who says window frames need to be white? French blog For Interieur says non!  TheRathProject’s unexpected yellow ceiling was part of her OneRoomChallenge kids bedroom revamp & is serious fun. Sandra of The Idle Hands used F&B Babouche to create a bespoke victorian roll top bath. I went crazy with Hygge & West wallpaper to add some va-va-voom in the kitchen. Where else will this bunch break the rules?

3 – When making a statement is simply necessary 

Is your guilty pleasure reality TV – or – are you secretly lusting about a guest appearance on Love Island, Dragons Den, DIY SOS? – or – does your “go to” outfit always include a statement necklace that gets endless compliments? Well the “Look at Me Yellow” may be perfectly suited for you! It is the big bold, packed full of character, intense drama, and emotional hello yellow. This is only for the brave.

Who is doing it well? The iconic Jonathan Adler in his own NYC pad uses luxurious floor to ceiling curtains in a can’t take my eyes off you yellow.  In 2011, this Stockholm apartment was reimagined by Tham Videgard Architects into a colourful happy space where yellow floors lead you to an adjoining yellow kitchen. Now before you write off “look at me yellow”, the drama can be lowkey too – check out this California scandi minimalist bathroom where yellow tiles & unit are centre stage by Raili CA Design. If this is you, get the headshots ready.

4 – When yellow + yellow is a match made in heaven

Do you find yourself constantly drawn to yellow – or – would you say yellow is the happiest colour ever? Well you, my friend, could be a “Yellow True Lover”! For you the sky is the limit but there are a few rules to get it right – mainly the shade of yellow.

Who is doing it well? Thepinkroomnz uses bright & bold yellow on yellow to create a hipster cool vibe as seen in AD. The incredibly talented Dabito creates a modern bohemian vibe by using F&B Babouche on the walls and striking art by LeroyMirandaJr in his New Orleans dining room (as seen in Domino mag).  And perhaps a surprise,  a soft pale “lemon sorbet” yellow creates a serene space for a long afternoon soak. [okay, I might have included this last one because its my fave desert.] Watch this bunch for more iconic designs.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I know what you are thinking. Where are all the yellow sofas?! I know I know, I can’t talk about yellow without including a special shout out to all those drool worthy yellow sofas. There are just too many lush ones, so here are some faves. Clockwise – Sophie Robinson, JWS Interiors, Grillo Designs, Fleeting Interest.

Lastly, a few ideas to get you started. I would totally scoop up these yellow gems … if … 1) my house was bigger and 2) my hubby would hand over the credit card. Go on, shop the look. (see below for links)

Liznylon Designs asks you “What type of yellow suits your personality”? Are you a pop, a rule breaker, a statement maker, or a true lover?

Wow. If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a big YELLOW star. Hopefully I didn’t put you off yellow. Yikes, the idea was to convert you into full fledged lovers of yellow. Not really, but kinda. So, I will happily say that’s a wrap for this Monday. Hope you have a hello yellow perky happy day.

BUT before you go … tell me … what type of yellow are you?!


Liz xx

Shop the look

1 – Designers Guild Ray Chair £600

2 – Vintage Vogue 1927 Cover via King McGaw £70

3 – Love Franki Teal Lemur Silhouette Lampshade in Egg Yolk £40 to £180

4 – Muuto E27 Pendant Lamp via Skandium £65

5 – Pols Potten Zig Zag stool

6 – Zara Home Yellow Glassware £3.99 to £5.99

7 – Wouf Lemon iPad Air Sleeve via £28.99

8 – Amara Vector Sunflower & Slated Cushion £30

9 – Sun burst Art Deco luxe rug by Wendy Morrison £895







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