Mimi Pickard Angelica design in pink and ochre

Crush Lust Stalk with Mimi


Can you guess who I’ve corned for this week’s “Crush – Lust – Stalk” ?! Is it an artist? a designer? an obsessive interiors addict? a student? Hint hint she’s all about patterns, prints, and florals. Hint hint she launched her debut collection in 2017. It’s the creative textile designer Mimi Pickard.  Have you seen her ‘Lily’ fabrics and wallpapers?! Gushing. I know what you are thinking “there Liz goes again obsessing”. With good reason. Perhaps it was our mutual crush on Henri Matisse or the lovely use of colour or the fun playful designs. You tell me.

I found Mimi on Instagram (where else of course) through textile guru and interior designer Jessica Buckley. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I stalk Jessica’s Insta feed for textile inspiration. She is simply ace at mashing up colours, textures, delicate prints and bold patterns. When I spotted Jessica’s oh so stylish fabric covered desk, I had to find out more … and guess what?! It was Mimi’s BELL fabric in pink. Melt.

After years and years and years of dreaming about textile design, Mimi went back to school and turned those dreams into a business. She launched her debut fabric and wallpaper collection in autumn 2017 (yay, well done Mimi). If that alone wasn’t enough reason for fireworks & cheers, she has already got herself featured in Elle Decoration, House & Garden, Homes & Gardens and The World of Interiors.

Here are some of my fave pieces – Naked Angelica Dusk wallpaper a perfect bedroom backdrop; Cushion heaven with Bell & Angelica fabrics (one of each, please); The famous Jessica Buckley desk in Bell Pink; A custom order of Small Lace Lily in fabulous colour popping green & pink; Joy wallpaper in soft & subtle ochre & pink; A big hiya to the Maldives with Angelica fabric as a beach bag; Small Lace Lily fabric in mink & moss; and a pair of oh so stylish chairs in Bell Pink.

Now on to the good stuff, Mimi’s Crush – Lust – Stalk:


CRUSH – Mimi has a crush on Vanessa Cooper, the artist. Mimi says “I absolutely love Vanessa’s use of pattern and colour in her paintings.  They never fail to brighten up a room.” www.vanessacooperart.co.uk
LUST – Mimi has been eyeing up ‘The Slider’ chair by interior designer, Susie Atkinson for some time now. Mimi says “The one with a painted finish and yummy pink cushion is heaven.”  I say, it just shouts hello spring & summer here we come. Great choice, Mimi.
 STALK – Mimi says that “Rita Konig never disappoints. She has such great taste and style – she’s very inspirational.”



Mimi is dreaming big & why not?! She says “I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to the keys to Chatsworth House – ever since it was the home of Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, it has always been of interest to me!” Hello, now this is one stately home or is it a mansion? I’m with Mimi here, it is a stunning historic landmark. Mimi goes on to say  “I am also obsessed with history and have read a lot about the Devonshire family, so I would love to have a nosey around their ancestral home.”


Traditional style, colourful accents, and cushion envy at Mimi Pickard's house
Mimi’s colourfully traditional conservatory
Sink yourself into this large comfy and pink L shaped sofa
Pink perfection at Mimi Pickard’s house

It’s easy to see why Mimi’s favourite room is her conservatory. She says “It is more like a sitting room as it has a fire place and comfy sofas”. In fact, she says that her pink corner sofa is her single most favourite thing in the entire room, after her cat Frank.  Mimi describes her style as “traditional meets shabby chic” and went on to say “I was really inspired when I went to the Ham Yard Hotel but I also love the relaxed ‘Soho House’ feel.”  I have serious sofa envy after seeing Mimi’s beautifully styled conservatory and do I spy a few Naked Angelicas on the sofa? Eeek. I’m talking cushions.

Before I say a big “thank you” to Mimi for playing along, can we all please have a nosy of her Insta feed and her site www.mimipickard.com?! What’s up next for Mimi — in just a few days she’s launching a line of plain fabrics that are a perfect pairing to the prints, patterns & florals in the Lily collection; all those luxe fabrics will be available in cushions in the coming weeks; she’ll be at Decorex this fall; and in September she’s launching a new line of fabrics and wallpapers. Just a tad busy. Watch this space.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Crush-Lust-Stalk. Fingers crossed we have a sunny spring like weekend. Come back each week to see who I have cornered into playing along – it could be a popular interior designer, maybe that artist who creates magical wallpaper, or that ace blogger. I’ll mix it up & keep it interesting. If there is someone you’d love to see, message me.

Cheers, Liz xx

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