friday find: kirkby design

This week I’m doing something a bit different for the Friday Find — I’m going to focus on just one company. Why, you might be asking? Well, I had the pleasure of attending a virtual press event by Kirkby Design this week where they unveiled their new fabric collections. As a total fabric geek, this is pure nirvana for me as I’m a huge believer that textiles are a great way to create a bespoke look in your home.

They sent me a goodie box overflowing with a sampling of the new fabrics so I could see, touch, cuddle and dream about them on the days leading up to the webinar. Don’t laugh, you’ll quickly see why I was so fond of their new collection. I’ve selected 3 fabrics from each of the new collections to share as part of my Friday Find. Enjoy!

VOLUME is all about the touch, with dense textures, oversized designs, it’s a playground for the senses. I guarantee you’ll want to stroke each of the fabrics. I know I did over & over again. That sounds so wrong, but it’s so true. The collection features 11 fabrics that will entice you with a calming colour palette with pops of bright pastels, See the full collection HERE.

Jordan Mould, Brand Director at Kirkby Design said “Created using innovative techniques that typify the experimental nature of Kirkby Design, Volume is a study of weaving capabilities that push the limits of normality and embrace individuality.”

Jumbo Cord is a quilted velvet

source: Kirkby Design, Jumbo Cord

A thick plush and extra padded fabric, Jumbo Cord is an oversized interpretation of a classic corduroy. Or if you are obessive about reeded glass (like me), it has a similar elegantly curved look. It’s soft, cushy and contemporary and the triple quilting gives it a 3D finish. Bonus: It’s stain repellent!

Jumbo Cord is available in 4 Colours | Suitable for upholstery and accessories. I’d use it in the kitchen as a banquette seating (it’s stain repellent afterall) or on a sofa.

Brush is a textured weave

source: Kirkby Design, Brush

Taking inspiration from the world of high fashion, Brush is equal parts playful as it is sophisticated. It’s impossible not to stroke this incredibly soft long pile cotton weave. I dare you to try! Who has a teddy bear coat and thought it would make a perfect fabric for a chair, sofa or cushion?! The is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Brush is available in 6 Colours | Suitable for upholstery and accessories. As pictured, I’d use it on a chair or as cushions.

Snug is a wool blend

source: Kirkby Design, Snug

Woven from natural, virgin wool, Snug is certain to surprise you. The oversized herringbone design is very cleverly created by shearing away lines in the pile. Yes! It’s dramatic and the dense pile is super soft to the touch, you’ll want to snuggle up with snug.

Snug is available in 4 Colours | Suitable for upholstery and accessories. I’d use it to create a focal point in the bedroom as an oversized headboard.

FUTUREBOUND is a new direction from the typical geometric designs that Kirkby produces – its more fluid, more organic and completely unexpected. It is a range of decorative weaves that perfectly balances Hi Tech luxe with space age forms with a bit of industrial punk thrown in. It totally works and the result is a luxurious collection of 9 fabrics that can be used for drapery and upholstery in a palette of muted pastels with vibrant flashes of sapphire blue and warm peridot with some reflective qualities too. See the full collection HERE.

Jordan Mould, Kirkby Brand Director says “Pushing the Kirkby Design aesthetic into new territory, the Futurebound collection see us transition from the bold graphic designs of recent collections, into more fluid forms that highlight technical details.”

Quasar is a decorative velvet

source: Kirkby Design, Quasar

I’ll admit, I’m rather smitten with Quasar. A soft velvet that is inspired by the 70s punk rock scene, quasar is a modern take on the traditional tartan pattern. It is luxuriously understated and changes colour when the light hits it. What’s clever about the design is that it is created through an innovative process, where electric needles punch the pile to create the tartan design on the ground cloth before being dyed. Seriously cool.

Quasar is available in 6 Colours | Suitable for upholstery, drapes and accessories. Yes, please. I’d use it everywhere.

Gravity is a decorative velvet

source: Kirkby Design, Gravity

Gravity reminds me of an abstract painting and the pattern is just intoxicating. A textural velvet that is equal parts luxurious and mysterious, some say it looks like camouflage and I’d have to agree. It has a sheen that just pulls you in. The design is cleverly achieved through the use of tonal colouring.

Gravity is available in 4 Colours | Suitable for upholstery, drapes and accessories. I’d use it to create luxurious drapes in a living room or bedroom for an edgy yet sophisticated look. .

Binary is a jacquard weave

source: Kirkby Design, Binary

Why have one houndstooth design when you can have four? This brilliant design is a playful nod to the eccentric punk era of the 1970s, It is a modern take on an iconic design created by mixing four patterns, a metallic sheen all framed by a striking fil coupé fringe. It is refreshingly bold and simply breathtaking.

Binary is available in 5 Colours | Suitable for upholstery, drapes and accessories. I’d use it to make a statement bench at the foot of a bed or create a wow moment in an entryway.

You can see the entire Volume and FutureBound collections HERE on their website and you can check out Kirkby Design on Instagram HERE. Also, all of their new collections are available as pre-made cushions, check it out HERE.

I hope this has inspired your Friday and intrigued you to look into Kirkby Design. Enjoy the weekend and Happy Halloween!



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  1. phuongmai

    All of the textures seem pretty lovely and interesting but my favorite is “brush”. It looks so chic and unique. I think using that chair as a focal point for a monochromatic setting will be super cool!


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