Friday Finds. Pendant Lights.

Where have I been?! You might have noticed that I’ve been quiet for the past few months. The covid-19 juggle was a bit too much and I had to hit pause on the blog. Good news is that I’m back! Fireworks, Drum roll, Confetti. I feel like I should throw a virtual party. I hope you’ll join me as I continue to rant & ramble on about interiors and design school.


Friday, perhaps the most loved day of the week and I thought let’s celebrate it by sharing some design inspiration that I’ve discovered during the week.  We all love a bit of inspiration don’t we?! I’m hoping you said Yes.  We’ve all been there, looking high & low for just the perfect piece to make a room shine and perhaps you’ll find just that in my Friday Finds.

Last week I was over at Catalog Interiors new Edinburgh showroom (spoiler alert: it’s amazing) that was packed full of statement making lighting from chandeliers, pendants, table lamps and floor lamps and it got me thinking about how texture can create such an interesting statement when used with lighting.

Here are five fabulous finds to get you thinking about how to introduce texture into your spaces through pendant lights that make a real statement.

Marset Bohemia Pendant designed by Joan Gaspar

Say hello to Marset’s *new* Bohemia pendant designed by Joan Gasper. It’s a new design & I  discovered this gem at Catalog Interiors. I mistakenly thought it was made of glass – but – that is exactly the illusion Joan Gasper intended. It’s oversized. It’s dramatic. It has a midcentury vibe to it. It perfectly balances formal elegance with everyday accessibility. What caught my attention was the two slightly different sized tiers, one darker than the other and the glowing center. Oh, it is made of polycarbonate. I’d use Bohemia over a dining table with Gubi chairs.

Marset is a Spanish lighting company that are looking to improve the quality of people’s lives through their lighting. They partner with designers from around the globe. Bohemia is available in three colours: Olive, Rust, and Eggplant. Available at Catalog Interiors £2,172

& Tradition Formakami Pendant Light designed by Jaime Hayon

Formakami just had to be on the list for its pure originality and that it is made from rice paper. I first noticed it a year ago and it really caught my eye as something different. Perfectly suited to contemporary or minimalist interiors, I can equally see it in one of the grand Georgian homes in Edinburgh. It’s delicate. It’s mysterious. The mix of white rice paper and black stained oak accents may give off an Asian vibe but the unique shapes are entirely scandi. There are three different shapes and sizes that when clustered together create the perfect statement. I’d used Formakami in the bedroom.

& Tradition is a Danish company that bridges old and new by creating furniture, lighting and interior objects with timeless appeal. Their Copenhagen showroom has a cafe (winning) and they’ll be part of the 3 Days of Design, iconic design event in Copenhagen that runs Sept 3-5. It’s on my ‘must visit’ list but perhaps 2021 is the year to go. The Formakami JH3 is made to order and starts at £178

Paola Paronetto SUFI Ceramic Pendant Lamp part of the Cartocci Collection

I’ve introduced you to Paola Paronetto on my blog The Inspo Files: Colour Trend Rust.  When I think about interesting textures, she is top of the list. She is creativity at its best using paper clay (yes, you read that correctly) to create the most interesting shapes, angles, curves and rough edges in her work. Each piece is made completely by hand, making it incredibly special and one of a kind. As a pendant light or a cluster of lights, her pieces are completely unexpected and would add an artistic flair to any space. I can see it hanging down as bedside lights or clustered together to create a statement in a sitting room.

Paola is Italian and is a complete rock star in the ceramics world with articles found in all the top art, design, interiors and architecture magazines (see here). Her pendants are available on archiproducts site. The SUFI pendant starts at £211.51

Bert Frank Riddle Pendant

Bert Frank is a British ‘go to’ when it comes to lighting that seamlessly blends an industrial vibe with a glamourous vibe. I first met them at Decorex a few years back and they were a clear standout for their designs, their finishes and the materials they used. It’s safe to say that I was drooling over most of their pieces. The Riddle Pendant is a perfect example of just how talented they are. It’s edgy. It’s sophisticated. The pairing of brass with black just oozes a cool urban vibe and the small circular holes allow the light to cast a warm glow. I can see these being used in a contemporary kitchen over a lush marble island evenly spaced or perhaps in a cluster over a cosy stylish eating nook with leather banquette.

Bert Frank was formed in 2013 by British designer Robbie Llewellyn and his manufacturer partner Adam Yeats.  Designed in London and handmade in Birmingham, it’s a truly local brand. Riddle is available in matte black & brass, chrome & black, chrome & white, brass & matte white, brass & matte black and white with brass. It is also available as a desk lamp and floor lamp.

Pooky Lights Leonardo Chandelier

To round out my Friday Finds is of course the most used material/texture when it comes to lighting, glass. However, it is far from ordinary. Inspired by Italian glass chandeliers called Quadriedri, say hello to the *new*  Leonardo Chandelier. It features heavy clear glass drops that have a criss-cross design that hang together in harmony to create a serious statement piece. It’s romantic. It’s a touch retro. It’s intriguing. This is definitely one for the dining room or perhaps in a bathroom with roll top claw tub.

Pooky is probably best known for their quirky colourful lampshades but their customers know that they are bursting with lights in all shapes, sizes and materials. Pooky is all about beautiful, decorative lighting that looks like it would cost a fortune but is affordable. It’s a reason they are a fan fave with many designers. The Leonardo Chandelier is new and it is the most expensive light on their entire website at £465. Who else notes their “special talent” as picking the most expensive item in any shop?!

Hope you enjoyed the Friday Finds. As always, share your comments & ideas below.



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