Crush Lust Stalk with Caroline & Rosie


Get ready to be wowed with this week’s Interior Idol – Crush Lust Stalk. Today I’m bringing you the brilliantly colourful modern nomads Caroline & Rosie – also known as Wicklewood. Modern nomads might just be an understatement, between this creative duo, they’ve lived in 17 different flats in 7 different cities.  I thought I got around but Wicklewood takes it to an epic level. Caroline is in London and Rosie is in LA. #goals.

I stumbled across Wicklewood as one does searching for interesting designs on Instagram and Pinterest. Yes, it might have been their vivid & happy colours and brave & bold designs that first caught my eye but it was their story that I found incredibly inspiring. To be honest, it pulled at my heart strings. (you can read it here)

See I come from a family of creatives, strong females who just go for it. Caroline talks fondly of her great great gran Lilly, who was an obsessive textile collector that travelled around Costa Rica & Guatemala in the 1930’s. Beyond being an early day nomad, great great gran Lilly was also an author, lecturer and textile scholar. This rich heritage in textiles combined with Caroline’s Hawaiian roots has served as the inspiration behind some of the unexpected pops of colour and the balance of delicate & bold patterns in their four main lines – colourful cushions, beautiful bedding, bold area rugs and lust worthy decorative accents.

If that wasn’t inspiring enough, it gets even better. Wicklewood has a very personal connection with the iconic British fabric and wallpaper brand Blithfield.   It is co-founded by Caroline’s mum Elizabeth Downing and Anne Dubbs. This powerhouse duo met while living in London and shared a common bond (both had previous careers in New York City design). Eeeeek, living the dream. So that makes three generations all obsessed with textiles in Caroline’s family. Today, Wicklewood reimagines some of the iconic & inspiring Blithfield textile designs into brilliant home pieces.

Before I jump into the Crush – Lust – Stalk, let’s first take a peek at the Wicklewood collection. What I really like is the “curated room sets” where they make it easy to see what works well together (see below their grouping of cushions). Their versatile patterns can easily fit with traditional, classic, boho, eclectic, maximalist, coastal, contemporary and modern styles. Each piece can sit alone as a “feature item” or be layered for maximum impact. I also found that every single item has an interesting detail, a rich story behind the design and celebrates the artisan craftsmanship from India to Guatemala to South Africa to India to the UK. A wholehearted win win in my book. Here’s my edit: (see below for shop the look)

Okay, okay. I hear ya, let’s get to the good stuff … Crush – Lust – Stalk … It’s good!


Crush – Traditional textile techniques. Caroline explains a bit about her modern day obsession …  “To be honest I’ve been crushing on this since I can remember. There are so many amazingly talented artisans all over the world who use centuries-old techniques, passed down from generation to generation, to make exquisite pieces and products every day around the world. These techniques are being replaced by less expensive factory processed alternatives.

At Wicklewood we are passionate about supporting these artisans. We design our collection in our studio in London but then work very closely with expert artisans who use classic textile techniques to bring our designs to life. We work with a women’s cooperative in Guatemala, who weave our ikat designs on backstrap and hand-held looms, craftspeople in India, who hand block print our quilts and hand weave our rugs and women in the U.K., who turn our fabrics into beautiful final products. ”

Lust –  Right now Caroline is in love with … Blithfield’s new Circles and Squares Chester wallpaper from their latest Spencer Collection.  Caroline says “It’s out of this world.” Last November Wicklewood hosted “The Revolving Room” pop up in London. A brilliant concept where they welcomed three influential people to redecorate the same space every three days. Caroline went on to say “Wicklewood and partner products were used and everyone went absolutely crazy for Willow Crossley’s design (the amazing floral designer) where she used Blithfield’s Circles and Squares wallpaper.”

Seductive pop-ups seems to be something that Wicklewood totally rocks – check out their Insta highlights to see more on “The Revolving Room” and there is an equally fabulous sunny LA pop up too.

Stalk – Caroline and Rosie recommend stalking these inspiring Insta accounts on a daily basis.

Gloria Gonzalez – for beautiful, traditional Spanish inspired interiors. Wicklewood has been lucky enough to work with Gloria and she is a true interiors aficionado.

Charlotte Bland – for beautiful every day photography that you could look at forever.

Passion Passport – the best travel inspiration for all the other modern nomads out there.


Let’s step inside Wicklewood founder Caroline’s home for a proper nosy. Caroline describes her style as “eclectic chic” and surprise surprise Wicklewood pieces are front & centre to create a “playful yet elegant” style.  Caroline says “I am totally obsessed with colour and pattern – I wallpapered my house in Blithfield’s Pineapple wallpaper in tangerine orange!” Caroline says she spends a lot of time making sure that all the colours and the patterns complement one another. “Although I love the mish mashed look, it’s actually a look that needs to be thoughtfully put together, not any old mish mash!”

As a modern nomad, Caroline also loves collecting pieces from all over the world and uses these pieces as decorative accents to brighten up her shelfies and tables. Caroline puts it nicely “Each piece in my home has a story and a memory and that is very special to me.”

I admire how Caroline has balanced neutral walls & floors and then let certain pieces of furniture and art pop. The turquoise sofa has more delicate cushion prints while the nude sofa has more vibrant designs. The vivid abstract art pulls it all together. Its the perfect balance and a casual cosy comfortable space with high style.


Now I can guarantee this Takeover is going to get you drooling! Just look at this beautiful setting in Central America. The duo is eager to grab the keys to Casa Palopo near Lake Atitalan in Guatemala. Perhaps to retrace Caroline’s great great gran Lilly’s travels?! She says “Casa Palopo was originally a private home until it was renovated into a boutique hotel by a guest who checked in and never left.” Hmmm, now that’s an idea I can get behind — check into a hotel and never leave. HA!  Caroline says “It is loaded with antiques, brightly painted walls, exquisite furnishings, artefacts and art. It is the closest thing to heaven on earth for me.”

After a bit of digging around, I learned that Casa Palopo is part of the Relais & Chateaux luxury hotels group – which means they are equally obsessed with high drama settings, luxe interiors and decadent food. A perfect place to get away and experience something truly special. The setting is along the side of a mountain with pristine lakeside views. It graces both the Conde Nast Top Hotels List and the Travel & Leisure Best Hotels of the World list. Hello, those cushions! that pool! the view! I think its time to book a flight.

So what’s next for the Wicklewood modern nomads you might be asking?

Just a small thing called LIBERTY LONDON. Fireworks. Drumroll. Confetti. Oh yes they did. I couldn’t be more excited for Wicklewood. The launch happened earlier this month. Other big news is that there will be new products launching every two weeks this spring & summer – head over to to see what’s red hot new.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Caroline & Rosie’s modern day nomad story. You can read more from one of the features in Bazaar, Vanity Fair, House Beautiful, Living Etc, The World of Interiors, Homes & Garden, Period Living, House & Garden, Country Living, Good Housekeeping. I’ll stop now, it’s just embarrassing that I only found this brilliant brand a few months ago.

That’s a wrap for my mid-week inspiration. I’m curious, what do you think? Which designs grab you?


Liz xx

Shop the Liznylon Edit: (Clockwise)

Oakleaves Cushion in blue 50×50, Blithfield fabric £85
Double layer dot and wiggle vase, £85
Inlay Tray in cheerful blue 45.7 x 35.6 cm, £195
Wicklewood Palopo x Pooky lights Lampshade 40cm, £135
ZigZag Tablecloth in pink & coral 180×225, £75
Inlay boxes, varied colours, sizes and prices
Tiger Tiger Oblong Cushion in red & blue 70×42, £165
Osborne Oblong Cushion in red 50×35, Blithfield fabric £85
Floral Star Quilt in pink & blue 225×225, £195

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