Crush Lust Stalk with Hatti

liznylon_blog_interior_idols_crushluststalkHello. It’s time again for Crush Lust Stalk where I harass artists, designers, makers, crafters, photographers, architects and other creatives to chat about the things they lust after. If you are new to my Crush Lust Stalk series, click here and see the impressive line up that’s been featured this year.

TODAY, it’s all about Hatti Pattisson! Who is Hatti you might be thinking? She’s a well celebrated abstract artist who is inspired by the rugged Scottish coast and awe inspiring landscape. Her pieces add character and beauty to a space and are definite conversation starters. Did I ever mention how inspiring Scotland can be?!

Her large scale moody oil paintings are packed full of drama & intrigue. She expertly balances the intensity of dark moody colours with light bright perky ones. Her brush strokes perfectly capture the wild unpredictable weather and the rugged beauty of Scotland in an entirely elegant & captivating manner.

It’s not all moody paintings with Hatti though, she also celebrates the vividly colourful summers with bright vibrant playful floral paintings and landscapes that scream “road trip”. Seriously, I’m desperate to scour the countryside and I’m convinced Hatti’s art could make someone fall in love with her, instantly. I think we can all agree that Hatti is a true original & an inspiration.

I first met Hatti at a workshop she was running. I heard that gasp. No it wasn’t a fine art painting workshop, it was a cushion making workshop where she provided her lush fabrics for all us novice makers to hack apart, embellish & ultimately sew into cushions. I don’t know if I could have watched if I was her. She talked us through the basics like a pro, kept us going with her bubbly personality and bravely convinced us to create our own masterpieces. I proudly display my cushion in our lounge.

Now that I think of it, I lied. I actually spotted Hatti’s own lush velvety cushions a year earlier at the Pad Lifestyle warehouse sale. It was happily perched on the sexy orange Jonathan Adler chair. I was obsessing over the chair, but the cushion was a piece of art on its own. The use of bold colours, the brushstrokes and the design was pure beauty. It instantly brought me back to my childhood and all those years living at the beach and the wild winter days.

The Hatti edit — my “shop the look” of Hatti’s collection of limited edition art prints that are hand finished, her textiles, cushions and lampshades – all available on her website.  DM Hatti for a brochure of her original paintings.

Clockwise — one of Hatti’s colourful statement making original painting as seen on Instagram; The iconic ‘Into The Blue’ cushion; An understated touch of elegance in the bespoke lampshade; The oh so moody ‘Cailleach’s Storm‘ artist finished limited edition print; The bold colour explosion ‘In Bloom’ fabric as curtains adding a must have pop any space; The delicately vibrant ‘Flowerbed Blur’ artist finished limited edition print; The ‘Golden Grasses’ kaleidoscope of gold & burgundy luxe cushion; and a happy sunfilled  Hillside Breeze artist finished limited edition print.

Drumroll … Here’s what Hatti has to say …


CRUSH … what is Hatti crushing on?
Art of course!

Hatti is sculpture sitting for Frippy Jameson (that is a thing, apparently) & is totally smitten. Hatti says “It’s an incredibly detailed sensitive, bronze piece of a young boy with his arms stretched forward. Each hand is resting on a beautiful wing.” This makes me wonder — how many of us have sculptures in our homes?! This gem is for sale, hint hint.

Hatti goes on to say “It’s such an interesting piece & I’m fascinated by the incredible skill and thought that goes into making something like this.”

LUST … Hatti’s lust list runs long & she can’t pick just one thing, so she’s sharing her top two items that she’s been dreaming about.

Hatti would like a big Christine Clark painting and says “her work is completely dreamy and her subject takes you to a more beautiful place.”

Next up is some gorgeous bedlinen by Gilly Nicolson. Hatti says “What’s cool is you can have bespoke embroidery in any colour imaginable, plus the quality is wonderful.” I say it sounds like a such a lovely luxurious treat for a sneaky Saturday lie in.  Hatti went on to say that she is ordering a set now & is a tad over excited about the all the colours. “It’s taking me forever to make a decision”

Hatti regularly lusts after two other local spots in Edinburgh — Pad Lifestyle that is packed full of new & established designers from all over the world. Hatti says “I always find it difficult leaving that place without wanting a million things.” The other spot is Folly Antiques that is a treasure trove of immaculately curated antiques. Hatti says “Sham & Mark are so lovely and are a fountain of knowledge. It’s our go to place for beautiful lamps & twinkling decanters.”

STALK … who is Hatti secretly stalking everyday on Insta?!  Hatti says “Three amazing women bringing inspiration and wonder to my life daily!”

Now that’s an easy one for Hatti, she says 9to9daily — two sisters that are always sharing great tips & ideas and fab ‘must listen’ podcasts. There’s more … Moira of @patiencejewellery is always working on some incredible sparkly project which will make your jaw drop and @judyrclark1 in her gorgeous atelier cutting patterns of romantic silhouettes and turning them into breathtaking fashion pieces, usually made from lace, silk and tweed.


Hatti’s favourite spot in her flat is her bedroom. A cosy eclectic creative space that Hatti has pulled together to surround herself by her friend’s masterpieces. Hatti says “It’s where I go to unwind, dream, come up with new ideas, read, do some tapestry all whilst listening to music or watching an exciting documentary on the iPad.”

In this corner there is a flower cast by her good friends mum who is the most incredible gardener and creates these intricate plastercasts. She is making one of Hatti’s wedding bouquet which will be such a precious thing.

There’s a painting of a girl with her head in a cloud by Christine Clark, two embroidery hoops by @Hoopandbone and a portrait of Hatti from her ‘hen do’ which was such a wonderful surprise wedding present from Ingrid Nilsen (again Edinburgh based). There is also a charcoal sketch by J.D Ferguson of his Parisian lover who Hatti confesses “I occasionally chat and say hello to, mostly when I’m tipsy.”

If you look closely, you can spy the Frippy Jameson sculpture she talked about in ‘Crush’ and which she simply says – “LOVE!” On the bed there is beautiful bedlinen by Gilly Nicolson (mentioned in Lust).

What Hatti fails to mention is her beautiful original painting above the headboard and her cushions on the bed. To which I say “LOVE!”.

What’s next up for Hatti?! She’s always on the go with exhibits and stocking shops. Check out her Insta stories & posts for upcoming shows and go on over to check out her website too.

That’s a wrap for today. I hope you’ve found today’s Interior Idol – Crush Lust Stalk with Hatti inspiring and packed full of ideas for how to add beauty and character to your space with entirely original art, cushions, and fabric.

Have a good one! Cheers,

Liz xx

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