Create a Boho Glam vibe in 5 easy steps

Happy Sunday! A few days ago, I asked “Would you design or decorate an entire room from just one store?” The results are in and 86% of you said Absolutely NOT. Am I surprised? The simple response, No.

What did surprise me was that a few of you secretly sent me DMs to say that you had accidentally done just that because of your obsession (let’s say love affair) with a certain brand or vibe. Ahhh, well this is interesting now, isn’t it?!

Probably like you, my inbox has been flooded with “up to 60% off sale” emails. My head is spinning and there are so many drool worthy items that it is really hard to resist. BUT … I’m focused on our bath renovation and all funds must be saved for equally drool worthy tiles.

Your private DMs just fuelled me on to create that SALE mood board as I had threatened to do on my Instagram stories. Yikes. The things I say on Instagram (awkward laugh). So here it is “Glam Boho” created entirely from dreamy boho items I found in the mega Anthropologie sale. Designed & styled by me. Also, very importantly, let me say, this blog is not an ad, it is not sponsored, and it is not endorsed in any way at all. It’s just me. 100%.

Drumroll, here it is …

This “glam boho” mood board has been sourced from the Anthropologie Home sale – and – designed by me.

The vibe I’m going for is “boho glam” based largely on neutrals of soft pinks, the calm contrasting blue walls, and a touch of yellow. Shock?! Some of you might be surprised as you know me for my bright bold colours and dark moody walls – but I love soft neutrals too.

STEP 1. What caught my eye first? Well it was 3 key pieces that I consider “must have” pieces to create the “boho glam” look….

1 – the large comfy blush pink sofa with soft lines;

2 – the super luxe off white midcentury unit with super sexy lucite & brass legs;

3 – the dreamy geometric moroccan rug with pink tassels that I’ve touched every single time I am in the store (I’m such a geek).

STEP 2. Build on the “boho” vibe by adding texture in neutrals —

I added the moroccan geometric cushions with tassels & pom poms, the neutral curtains with a decorative band, and the fun fringe wall weave.

STEP 3. Next up is definitely adding character with the eclectic gallery wall. I designed this entirely from a mix of art & styles found in the sale too —

I will say I was completely surprised by the depth of art prints available. My tip for a gallery wall is to mix it up but unite pieces with colour. So in this case, a must was one piece with a jungalow vibe, one with midcentury vibe, one to mirror the angles in the rug & cushions, a colourful abstract and one that’s just fun.

STEP 4. Layer on the “glam” vibe. The bling bling chandelier definitely adds glamour to the space yet the shape of the globes is a rustic moroccan feel. So bonus points.

STEP 5. Lastly, the finishing touches. A chair and the coffee table in natural wood with simple clean lines. These are perhaps a touch of Scandi yet act as a perfect neutral compliment to the space. Plus, I couldn’t resist the yellow as you know #ihavethisthingforyellow.

So there you have it, the Boho Glam mood board in 5 easy steps — completely sourced from items in the Anthro sale.

The 5 Easy Steps = Step 1. Key pieces + Step 2. build on boho vibe + Step 3. add character with art + Step 4. layer on glam vibe + Step 5. finishing touch of neutrals. Ta Da. Now, please let me know what you think! See below shopping list for more details.

I can’t guarantee that any of these items are still in the sale or available but go on have a nosy & enjoy the hunt for dreamy boho glam pieces.

Happy Sunday everyone,

Liz xx

Anthropologie sale shopping list:

  1. Sofa: Bosc Duffle Sofa was £2998 now £1949
  2. Unit: Lacquered Side board (unfortunately sold out in white, here is a navy option) was £1998 now £1719
  3. Rug: Tufted Dennie Rug (unfortunately sold out, so replaced with Avery rug) was £348 now £222
  4. Cushion:  Embellished shape cushion was £98 now £63
  5. Cushion: Embellished shape study cushion was £68 now £43
  6. Curtains: Hildara neutral curtains (unfortunately sold out, so replaced with Arya embroidered curtain) was £88 now £56
  7. Woven art: Signe Woven wall art was £198 now £119
  8. Art: Best of days wall art print £248 (no longer on sale)
  9. Art: Boquet wall art print £141 (no longer on sale)
  10. Art: Echno park wall art print £428 (no longer on sale)
  11. Art: Veiled wall art print £238 (no longer on sale)
  12. Art: 34 dots wall art print £428 (no longer on sale)
  13. Glam chandelier (unfortunately sold out, so replace it with Abalorio Chandelier) was £1298 now £714
  14. Coffee table: Danehill coffee table was £1198 now £839
  15. Chair: Paleta armchair was £1298 now £844


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