Crush Lust Stalk with Fiona


It’s Inspiration Monday and I have a new “Crush – Lust – Stalk” for you to feast on –  it is the incredibly talented graphic designer + marketer + photographer  Fiona Burrage who runs the lifestyle brand Nor-Folk and agency The Click.  If you don’t know Nor-Folk, STOP, click the link & have a nosy. I should probably admit that my guilt pleasure is BBC Escape to the Country. I’m hooked and my favourite episodes are always in the Norfolk region – there is something about the countryside farmland meets coastal area that I find really appealing. So, you can imagine when I stumbled across Fiona and Nor-folk, I was immediately curious. It’s one part travel journal + one part design studio + one part store. Let’s just say that Fiona likes to keep things interesting.

Then I heard about her series called Eight cities in Eight months” and I just fell in love instantly.  Fiona’s photography literally took my breath away, her writing nearly made me cry, and combination of cool culture + architecture gems + local food finds in the “Eight cities in Eight months” is a winning combo … like I said Fiona keeps things interesting.

Before I knew it, I was clicking my way through her entire site. I’m not a stalker (pinky swear). In the past year she’s photographed & written about Edinburgh, Cardiff, Wakefield/York, Kent, Bristol, Sheffield, Isle of Wight, Norwich, Stockholm, and Portugal. I’m sure I left a few destinations out. I learned she’s originally from Essex, she lives in Norwich in a converted factory (how cool) with her hubby Bobby + 4 yo son Stanley + 2 black cats. She’s been featured in Ikea’s family magazine, she’s been in a Made.Com film, and she won the Amara Best Photography blog 2017. Woot Woot.

Here are a few finds on her shop that are on my “Must Have” list … first up of course it is art ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ prints; I can think of a million uses for this Copper Tape; my wee fella desperately needs a Naughty’ vinyl for his door; everyone needs Cereal mag; and styling it up with a sleek black ‘Nor-folk’ sweatshirt.


I hear ya, let’s get to the really good stuff … Fiona …


CRUSH – Fiona tells me that she is obsessed with architecture books (she has several featuring John Pawson). She says “for Mother’s Day I got ‘Concrete‘ & ‘Wood‘. Stanley know’s my taste well!”  I say … You absolutely MUST click on the links to these books & flip through the images, they are jaw droppingly gorgeous. Serious drool factor.
LUST – Fiona reports that she’s waiting for a delivery from Nest of a Flos lamp. She says “It’s a little treat to myself.” I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear which Flos she snatched up. Who else is jealous of Fiona? Me. me. me! I’ve had my eye on a few of those super sexy Flos lamps too.
STALK –  For interiors, she says “it has to be Deborah of @apieceofcake82 who also blogs as Ollie & Seb’s Haus.” wow. wow. wow.  All I can say is that I’m entirely blown away by the effortlessly cool & minimalist vibe that Deborah rocks!
Let me remind you that Fiona lives in a converted factory, so she already racks up points for the “cool factor”. Fiona describes her house as having consistency throughout with a colour palette is shades of grey, white and plywood. She says “It’s hard to choose my favourite room! As it’s spring, I’ll go with our roof terrace. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to enjoy the sun.” Click here to read about how Fiona & Bobby converted their roof terrace into a roof garden.
Where is Fiona off to next? She’s leaving the country & has her sights on an architectural gem that seamlessly blends with nature – she wants the keys to the Juvet Landscape Hotel. Juvet is located in a small village in North-Western Norway and is designed by architects Jensen & Skodvin. It’s all about the “experience with nature”. Just look at those floor to ceiling windows, the lush mountainside, the classic Scandi furnishings. A real beauty all round. Fiona, can I carry your luggage or your camera bag?


What’s up next for Fiona? Fiona & Bobby are looking to buy their second property, a holiday home which will either be in the Norfolk Broads or on the coastline. It will become ‘Nor-Folk Stays’ and she’s already gathering loads of dreamy inspiration on her Pinterest boards. Go on, have a peek.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Crush-Lust-Stalk. Happy Monday everyone! Come back next week to see who I have cornered into playing along – it could be a popular interior designer, maybe that artist who creates magical wallpaper, or that ace blogger. I’ll mix it up & keep it interesting. If there is someone you’d love to see, message me.

Cheers, Liz xx



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