London calling

Rewind to November and that was me hanging in the Big Smoke. It was EPIC.  Four glorious days of prancing around like a singleton, food markets, art exhibitions, design museums, shopping, and lots of bubbles, wine, and great food. It was downright heavenly.

I had a brief affair with London, living there twice. Don’t hold this against me, I much prefer visiting than living in London (eek, I said it). I think everyone has one mega city that they lust over and NYC is it for me. Yes, I’m totally biased, I lived there for nearly 15 years. BUT, I digress, back to LONDON and my EPIC weekend. If you pinned me against a wall & asked me to pick just 1-2-3-4-5 things to do, I’d have to say.

Top of the list

  1. The Tate Modern. Industrial architecture, the best & brightest contemporary artists, interactive installations, killer bookshop, stunning views. What more could you want?!

2. Next up, has to be food. A short stroll along the Southbank and you’ll hit Borough Market. Everything you can imagine – fruit & veg, cheese & dairy, savoury olives, baked goods, meats & pates, everything heavenly. All wrapped up in an industrial market setting with colourful & edgy street art. During my London years, hubby and I used to hit the market every weekend and pick up endless luscious treats. Seek out Padella. The most deliciously amazing Italian restaurant (with gorgeous marble counters and drool worthy lights & tiles). It’s worth the wait.

3. Get ready to zig zag around town. I asked the super cool @sarahakwisombe for midcentury shout out, she said one word Alfies Vintage. Wow, I was blown away. Every direction I turned it was another item to add to the must have interiors lust list. Move over midcentury mecca Palm Springs, here comes Alfies Vintage in London!

Liznylon hits Alfies
Hello lamps, lounger, gold palms, geometric tables. HEAVENLY.

Thank God, I didn’t know about Alfies during my renovation. The lighting budget would have been fireworks. I’m certain I would have skipped the kitchen revamp and gone for new tables, lights, sofas, everything is oh la la.

4. Time to zig East over to Shoreditch, just plump yourself down on Redchurch Street and hit every store, literally, every shop has a design POV. This street is an old fave of mine and brings back loads of memories of fun lazy shopping days with my single gals. Big heart. We’d hit the Albion Cafe for brunch in the sassy Boundary hotel then aimlessly stroll for hours.

This trip, I totally embarrassed my super stylish & cool friend Teresa by literally knocking on the secret door of House of Too Good & begged them to let us in for a looksie around their design studio. (mildly geeky cringe worthy moment)

Click on each snap to see some of the who’s who of Redchurch St. And, the last stop, oh this is tricky. Vintage markets. design. Food stalls. Design museums. Drum roll. Nope, I’m going to stop at 4.

So today’s Crush – Lust – Stalk is glorious London. You tell me, what’s your FAVE spots in London?! Need more ideas, you can always contact me & I’ll send you the full list I’ve put together. Enjoy London xx


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