Favourite of 2020

When FEATHR reached out to say I was selected as one of the their favourite projects of 2020 I did a little dance around the kitchen. I’m thrilled beyond words that my colourful pattern clashing bathroom made the cut.

FEATHR selected 12 customer projects as their favourites for 2020. That’s me right there in the middle row! I’m hugely honoured to be alongside some interior designer icons from New York City, Los Angeles, Singapore, London, the Loire Valley in France, Australia, Ireland and myself in Edinburgh. wow.

FEATHR names their favourite projects of 2020 source: FEATHR

A shout out to my fellow favourites (from L to R)
Row 1: @melaniemorrisinteriors; @frenchvinesanddesigns; @ourdesignintervention; @decorbuddi

Row 2: @ourdesignintervention; @nancyparrishinteriors; @liznylon; @medocschoolhouse

Row 3: @fikaandmooch; @brana_designs; @insidenumbersixteen; @millieherd

So my bathroom. A lot of thought went into the space and the entirely lush botanical wallpaper designed by Spanish artist Marcos Navarro called Persecution is the star of the space. It was the springboard for the colour palette for the entire space including the upcycled vanity.

pic by Mairi Helena

I’m absolutely blushing over what FEATHR had to say about my colourful pattern clashing bathroom …

Persecution is available in FIVE colourways. I immediately fell in love with the NIGHT option which is set on a black background and punches of vibrant blues, purples and greens. I opted for the GREEN colour way which layers different shades and tones of green along side yellow and Morris blues. There are also neutral options in blue, grey and sand. Which is your favourite colourway?

Source: Persecution wallpaper by FEATHR

If you don’t know FEATHR, definitely check them out. They are a Scandi based company that features artist designed wallpapers and fabrics. Their mission is to fill the world with art! How brilliant is that. It’s definitely something that I can get behind. They also say that they are for anyone who loves art and has walls. That’s me!

FEATHR was founded by Tom, Anne, and Oli because they wanted with people who share their passion for art big ideas, originality, design, interiors and having their socks knocked-off. r passions: art, big ideas, design, craft, interiors, having our socks knocked-off.

MEGA THANKS FEATHR! If you’d like help picking out wallpaper design for your bathroom or any room in your home, just reach out. I’m launching my design services in the next month.


Liz x

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