Crush Lust Stalk with Formworks Studio


It’s back.  A new Year and a new exciting line up of interior designers, artists, makers, photographers, textile designers and architects that I’m stalking to reveal all the things that inspire them.  It’s my regular feature Interior Idol – Crush Lust Stalk.

I’m starting off the decade with Jon of Formworks Studio. I stumbled across Jon as one does, scrolling through Insta, Pinterest and other random sites late at night on the hunt for some new interesting artwork.  I landed on a fab site called Creative Boom which features artists, designers, photographers. It’s packed full of mind blowing inspiration and sure enough there was Jon and his bold geometric limited run prints. I was hooked and headed down a rabbit hole of visiting his website, his Insta, reading articles. Just a tad obsessive and mildly stalker-ish. #embarrassing


After 20 years in graphic design, Jon jumped full time into the art world in 2016 as Formworks Studio. His pieces have a nod to contemporary architecture with clean crisp lines and plenty of open space that just draws you in. While other pieces celebrate all the curves and geometric shapes of the Bauhaus movement. There is something about his style that is almost zen like yet equally energetic. Perhaps it is his use of colour and the colour palettes he creates. As I look at each piece, I’m imagining which buildings and architects were his inspiration.

What I really appreciate about Jon’s art is that he recognises that each piece should be treated as a something special. He has a strict limited edition run of 10 and each print is signed, numbered and sold with a certificate of authenticity.  What that means is that you have just bought yourself a unique piece of art & won’t find it everywhere.

Here are my top picks from Jon’s current collection available on his website HERE.

Clockwise:  Abstract 02 is a monochrome delight reminds me of a Calder sculpture; Contour with its softer colours is giving me boho vibes; Bisect balances the bold blue with simple lines and I think would be perfect in a period property above the mantel; Multiply’s vibrant colours is full on energetic and happiness; and Composition No 8 has a vintage vibe with deep olive earthy tones and angular shapes.

If you are thinking that Jon’s work seems familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen it grace the cover of this month’s Living Etc (mega congrats) and also the glossy pages of House Beautiful in April, May & Oct last year as well as Home & Garden in Oct and the list goes on to include Living Etc in May 2019 and Elle Decoration in August 2019. Jon surely gets around.


Drumroll, are you ready for Jon’s Crush Lust Stalk?


INTERIOR CRUSH: Jon is obsessing over burnt pink / orange colour. He says “I’m currently painting a piece with it and can’t get it out of my head.”  Oh ah. I hear ya, dusty burnt pink is so lush.

INTERIORS LUST LIST: Jon says “Any mid century furniture by Eames!” Who doesn’t love Eames? I’ve been a long time fan of the iconic American designers Charles and Ray Eames. They are legends pure & simple, especially amongst those of us who are obsessed with chairs. You can buy a vintage Eames on sites like Vinterior or new models at Vitra or Herman Miller. Here’s my top list of Eames chairs:

INSTAGRAM DAILY MUST:  Jon cheekily says “Mine lol”.  He’s a big fan of Strom Architects and Twentytwentyone. Go on over and have a drool over these sites. Thanks for some fresh inspiration. That’s me following both now!



Jon’s fave spot in his home is what he calls the ‘middle room’ between the lounge and kitchen.  He lives in victorian terraced house and the space opens up to the patio. The room has a mid century vibe with parque wood floor, original decorative coving and shelves with a fair amount of fashion / design and architecture books. And of course there is lots of art. Is this the area where Jon’s dreams up his next collection?

Jon says the style is “a mix of modern and mid century.” I’d have to say that the patio with all those lush plants & shrubs would be calling my name, I don’t think I’d ever leave the spot. I also like how the chairs around the table are green, pulling the lush outside in.


Jon says that he’ll happily take the keys to any of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) RIBA House of the Year winners. I’ve just had a nosy over on the RIBA site and  get ready to have your mind blown, these homes are beyond stunning. The 2019 RIBA House of the Year went to architects McGonigle McGrath who built House of Lessans, a “dream home” built on the “tightest of budgets”, £335,000 to be exact. Photography is by Aidan McGrath.  I’m thinking a road trip around the UK to visit all the past winning homes is a must. #architecturegeek

If that isn’t possible, Jon says that Brad Pitt’s house in LA will be his back-up. Now this totally made me have a good laugh. Okay, it’ll due, I guess. If you missed the Elle Decor article from July, Brad is a huge architecture enthusiast, so much so that he was rumoured to have gotten an apprenticeship under legend Frank Gehry.   His LA home is a modernist masterpiece. He worked with GRAFT. #dreamy

A Modernist Dream in CA

So what’s up next for Jon?

You can currently find Jon exhibiting ‘Flux’ at Lend your ears + open your eyes at Koppel Project in Soho, London. An exhibition about the art behind music exhibiting a painting used by Jazz musician Matthew Halsall for his anniversary album ‘Colour yes’. So if you find yourself wandering around Soho, pop in.


Here are my ‘five ways to style’ Formworks art.  I had so much fun using Jon’s artwork as inspiration for these room designs. Which is your fave?

And that is a wrap. A big thank you to Jon for playing along and sharing his inspiration with us all.  You can find Jon’s website HERE and his Instagram HERE. Photography credits for Jon’s pieces are Diana Oliveira Photography and William Morgam Photography.


Liz xx


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