Crush Lust Stalk with Soo


Nothing to See Here” couldn’t be further from the truth – yet – this simple phrase in a bold black type is what led me to Interior Idol Soo (aka Susan Burnell). Her photography is simply breathtaking and her graphic designs are a must have for any gallery wall – from leafy palms to sexy ballerina legs to bold typography to sultry black beaches to moody inky Skye. She has a way of capturing landscapes and moments that I just can’t describe –  other than pure beauty. It’s not just me that’s entirely captivated by Soo, if you look at some of your Insta faves, I’m sure you’ll see one of Soo’s designs in their home too. Her work has graced the pages of House Beautiful, Style at Home, 25 Beautiful Homes, Spectrum Magazines and many many more.

I had been happily hanging my “Nothing to See Here” print in the lounge – in the kitchen – in the bathroom – in the bedroom – in the hallway and repeat. It took months for me to realise that Soo was actually in Scotland too. Then Nicola (The Girl with the Green Sofa) suggested a meet up & it finally dawned on me that Soo was just outside Edinburgh. Ugh, I am thick sometimes. (I’ll blame it on the wee fella – aka the sleepwrecker)

Soo told me all about her (much anticipated) upcoming collection called “Poolside” where she has been hitting up Victorian council pools and bath houses around Scotland. I was intrigued. I had a sneaky peek at the preview & let me say one word “downright stunning” (okay 2 words). See below for the juicy details on the launch.

If you follow Soo on Insta, I’m sure you’ll agree that her Interior style is completely inspiring, minimalist cool & 100% Scandi dreamy. Before we jump into Soo’s Crush – Lust – Stalk, here’s my edit from her current art photography and graphic art collections that would make a magical monochrome gallery wall …

Now drumroll, here we go …


CRUSH – Soo is massively crushing on these Lappalainen brass mobiles. She says “I think it would look magical in my living room when the sun comes in.”

LUST – Soo loves really simplistic design and at the moment, it is all things Menu. Her lust list includes the JWDA lamp with brass base (which she says is just divine), the Afternoom lounge chair in tan and the Tailor sofa – all so beautiful. She says “my Menu lust list could go on & on.” I’m in total agreement with Soo & have my eye on a few Menu pieces too!

STALK – Like so many of us, Soo is on the hunt for inspiration & escapism. She says “my fave Instagram accounts are mainly travel related, I find them so inspiring and a lovely break from what I’m doing day to day.” Her daily fix – several Icelandic photographers and also Accidentally Wes Anderson, Les Others, Suitcase , and Cereal. Not a surprise, it’s about the attention to photography. When pressed … she says “If I had to narrow it down to just one, I would pick … Cereal. I’d love to shoot a photo story for them one day.”


Soo says its her studio & the new ply storage wall. She says “I am delighted with the way it has turned out. It is such a calming space, the fold out compartments are perfect for when I am working and I can find everything I need very easily.”  (See her Insta page “all about the studio“)

I dream about having an inspiring work space like Soo’s. But, she goes on to say it’s not all about work … “it is also really nice to be able to fold it all away at the end of the day and have a relaxing space.”


Soo is a self declared architecture geek and her weekends are spent looking through Julius Shulman books and drooling over Californian architecture. She says “there are many beautiful and inspiring building that I would love to stay in.”

Soo is heading to Villa Asserbo in Denmark

Soo says she would probably choose a cabin in the woods. “I am struggling to pick between Villa Asserbo in Denmark and House Morran in Gothenburg as they are both so utterly beautiful and places I would love to see.” Why pick just one, Soo has the right idea – she’s going to hit Villa Asserbo first then go to House Morran after! “Is that cheating?” No Soo, go for it.

What’s next for Soo? The launch and opening of her new Poolside collection. She’s captured the ornate Victorian architecture with a completely contemporary vibe. One of the pools is actually my local council pool – it’s pure chaos of screaming kids & towels thrown everywhere (& unfit pale Scots). Not Soo’s photos. Her photos are elegant, graceful, and downright sexy. I can’t wait to cheers Soo at the opening night.  Check out her Insta for a sneaky preview.

That’s a wrap folks, Hope this added a little perk to your Wednesday. Come back each week to see who I have cornered into playing along – it could be a popular interior designer, maybe that artist who creates magical wallpaper, or that ace interior blogger. I’ll mix it up & keep it interesting. Have a good one.

Liz xx


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