Does the world need yet another interior blog?

If I am being completely honest – probably not. Hmm, who am I kidding?! Of course there is always room (no pun intended, wink wink) for more interiors. There are so many styles, colours, patterns, prints, cushions, lights, furniture and trends to obsess over. So why liznylon designs?

Liznylon bikes
I promise no kids, animals, or bikes were harmed in this random pic

Perhaps you like to snoop around other people’s homes? (your secret is safe with me)

Maybe you are renovating? (and need some ideas to steal)

Do you spend hours in a Pinterest and Instagram vortex drooling over interiors? (don’t we all)

Have you always wondered what it was like to go to design school?

Yes, Yup, Ahh, Ohh.  I answered four straight up yes’s. Here’s my story …

I’m a New Yorker living in Edinburgh, married to a Scotsman and mama to a chatty toddler boy (read: total flirt). Rewind 7 years ago, I was a footloose & fancy free single gal living in New York City. I had a great job at a Branding Agency and just bought my dream apartment in trendy Chelsea. Life was good.

Then I met “the Scotsman” and the whirlwind began – new city, new hubby, new city, new baby, new home! I’m happy to say that I have survived 6 moves in the past 7 years, including a move from New York City to London and London to Edinburgh. What?! “Am I crazy”?! Well, add in buying 2 flats, selling 1 flat, and taking on a massive renovation of an old Victorian flat with a wee baby in tow. Perhaps so! That is a lot of interiors. Hmmm.

I’m best known as the girl with the super sexy orange Jonathan Adler chair (oh yes).

Liznylon's lounge
Yes, I could literally spend all day lounging in this sultry Jonathan Adler Brigitte chair (with Wendy Morrison cushion)

The renovation continues and my obsession with interiors has taken on a life of its own. It’s always been a passion, an obsession, an all consuming hobby. I’m the kid who was constantly changing my room around, the student who hung posters & changed them regularly, the twenty something who mashed up IKEA with vintage pieces and spent more time thinking about paint colours than organising a birthday party. Add in many years, many moves, many flats, homes, renovations later and here we are.

What can you expect to find here on liznylon designs?

Liznylon midcentury
Liznylon lounge with vintage Wrighton midcentury dresser

I love a good mash up of colours, prints, and patterns

There is no such thing as too much art or too many cushions

I believe in making up my own interior rules & mixing styles

I think it’s healthy to have a few crushes to lust after … that’s what those lottery tickets are for

I have no idea what design school is going to bring but I certainly plan on having fun along the way

Speaking of fun, I’ve come up with what I’ll call an “Interiors Quiz”,  let’s go . . .


Go on, stroll down & leave a comment, enquiring minds (me) want to know. It only takes a few seconds (yes, yes, really). Don’t think too hard about it, no judging, just fun.

For now, I’ll share my Crush, Lust, Stalk. Don’t judge me!


My Crush Essential Home Monocles Sideboard

My Lust Knoll Platner’s Lounge Chair

My Stalk The brilliantly sassy & say it like it is Sarah Akwisombe

Have you ever wanted to kick someone out of their house for the weekend and take a long soak in their dreamy bath, host that killer dinner party around their glamorous dining table, or lounge about in front of their massive crackling fireplace?! Me too! Indulge me for a just a moment in “The Takeover” …


Hands-down I’d head to the midcentury modern mecca of Palm Springs and knock on the door of colour & printastic home of KellyGolightly.  Just check out her head turning,  gorgeously lush spaces. Pics by @Kellygolightly @Mollycophoto @Fredbaby13


Wake up liz, stop day dreaming. The last bit of the Interior Quiz is a moment to show off & brag (in a totally modest way, of course).


My kitchen diner is hands down my fave room in our flat. It was a boring beige room that had no purpose (seriously just a couch and an electric fireplace), now it’s our cosy kitchen diner with an evolving eclectic farm house vibe.


Come back each week to see who I have cornered into playing “Crush – Lust – Stalk”,  it could be a popular interior designer, maybe that ace blogger, or that artist who creates magical wallpaper. I’ll mix it up & keep it interesting.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading my first blog & hope you’ll come back for more. Don’t forget to leave your Crush – Lust – Stalk in the comment box below.  Thanks! xx


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