Design school antics

Design school here I come. Yes, you heard it right, I’m taking the plunge! Stories & rantings about my life as an interior design student.


  1. Tricia Low

    Morning Liz, love your Instagram and infectious enthusiasm. Just started reading the blog all about design school, trying to think this through myself but having never studied Iโ€™m nervous. Maybe it will flow as Iโ€™m working with something Iโ€™m passionate about and have a natural interest in it will be more straightforward. Anyway your background details are really useful so thank you! Always amazed at the weather differences between me in glasgow and your shots in Edinburgh! Have a great day. Tricia


    1. liznylon designs

      Thank you so much Tricia! You should definitely look into taking some interior design classes. There are many different online courses — you could always try an individual class to see if you like it. I’m really enjoying the course I’m on. Hope you have a fab weekend & if you have any questions, just shout! I’m always happy to answer. Cheers, Liz


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